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Westleigh Chiropractor Your First Visit

Welcome to Westleigh Chiropractic!

First Visit to Westleigh Chiropractor

You will be warmly welcomed and made to feel at home. Help is on its way!

When you visit us for the first time you have decided to see if chiropractic care can help with a specific health problem or perhaps improve your overall health.

Thorough Consultation

There are a number of things that we need to know before we can determine if chiropractic can help you.

Before you meet the chiropractor, one of our Chiropractic Assistants will ask you to fill in some basic information for your file.

You will then meet Peter and we will explain what we do and then ask lots of questions to get a thorough understanding of your problem and what you would like done about it.

Chiropractic Examination

If we feel that misalignment of your spine may be contributing to your problem we will then examine your spine to see if misalignment exists, how extensive it is, and whether chiropractic care might help. X – Rays of your spine may be needed to determine its condition and to ensure that other factors are in order. If you have recent films we may be able to use those, otherwise we will take the x – rays.

What Happens Next?

We will need to review our findings and X – rays before we report back to you so we will schedule you for your second visit as soon as possible.

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