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Meet Dr Peter Cowie (Chiropractor)

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Westleigh Chiropractor, Dr. Peter Cowie

Dr Peter Cowie (Chiropractor)

Although I grew up in Sydney I traveled to Melbourne for five years to attend university to become a chiropractor. When I finished university I worked as an associate in Grafton NSW for 12 months before purchasing Westleigh Chiropractic and moving back to Sydney.

Away from Westleigh Chiropractic

I met Debbie, my wife, in the first month after starting practice, she was the best reason for moving back to Sydney from the country. We have three children: Charlotte (29), Harriet (26) and Oscar (22). Their health always amazes me when compared to their friends. I suppose I shouldn’t be too surprised as they have all been adjusted since they were a few minutes old!

My working hours let me do a fair bit of the running around for the family and that has been great. I spent three years building a steam engine for a launch that was finally launched in December 2005 and I love spending a day out steaming on the Hawkesbury River.

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