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Activator Methods® in Westleigh

At Westleigh Chiropractic, we have used Activator Methods® as our primary adjusting technique for nearly forty years. This well-researched, gentle technique offers excellent results for patients of all ages and physical conditions. Dr Van (Chiropractor) is continuing with Chiropractor Dr Cowie’s legacy of offering the highest-quality chiropractic care utilising the Activator Method®.

Dr Allna adjusting a patientHow It Works

The Activator Methods adjusting instrument is a small, handheld mechanical instrument that applies consistent force to a small surface area. This allows your chiropractor to mobilise a joint without using high force applied over a large portion of the body. Because the instrument delivers this low-force thrust at a high speed, the muscles don’t have time to tighten up and resist. Many patients find Activator adjustments more comfortable and less agitating than manual adjusting techniques.

The instrument can be precisely positioned to deliver an adjustment at the specific angle needed to move the joint. Because of its compact size, it’s an ideal tool to adjust shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees, ankles and feet.

Dr Van will talk with you about your situation and do a thorough evaluation, which may include digital on-site X-rays. Based on your specific needs and goals, he will devise a care program using Activator Methods adjustments to help you feel and function at your best.

Well-Researched and Versatile

The Activator has been around for many decades and is one of the most-researched chiropractic techniques. Studies have demonstrated its effectiveness, and people appreciate an adjusting technique that doesn’t involve twisting or cracking.

Advanced Certification

Dr Van is committed to providing patients with the most effective care possible. To that end, he has pursued extensive training in Activator Methods and holds Advanced Proficient certification, which is the highest certification available.

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