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Dry Needling in Westleigh

Dry needling is an effective complement to chiropractic care. Whereas chiropractic adjustments focus on the bones of the spine to relieve pressure in the nervous system, dry needling is concerned with the soft tissues. It works to release the tight “trigger points” that impede range of motion throughout the body. When we relieve the tightness in the muscles, your chiropractic adjustments could hold longer.

Dry Needling treatment on a shoulder

Does It Hurt?

Many people imagine the needles used to deliver injections or draw blood. However, the needles used in dry needling are fine acupuncture needles. They are about the diameter of a human hair, and inserting the needles is not painful.

Chiropractor Dr Van is certified in dry needling, and he will precisely place the needles to deactivate trigger points. This eases pain, promotes movement and increases circulation. When circulation increases, more oxygen and nutrients are delivered to the area, facilitating healing and reducing inflammation.

An Adjunct to Care

At Westleigh Chiropractic, we offer dry needling as an adjunct to your chiropractic adjustments. Dry needling can reach deep trigger points that manual therapies like massage cannot address. In addition, most patients find that releasing trigger points through dry needling is much more comfortable than deep tissue massage or trigger point therapy.

Dry needling can work very quickly, often releasing a trigger point in a few seconds. When a trigger point is deactivated, patients typically experience pain relief almost immediately. In addition, the muscles relax their hold on the joints, which makes it easier for your chiropractic adjustment to mobilise the joint. When the muscles are relaxed, they are also less likely to pull the joints back into improper alignment.

When combined with our gentle chiropractic adjustments, your condition should improve significantly within a few visits.

There is a small additional fee for dry needling.

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