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State Insurance Regulatory Authority
(SIRA, formerly WorkCover) Claims in Westleigh

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If you have been injured at work, getting the right care early is vital.
All forms of injuries are important and need to be addressed promptly,
no matter how big or small.

You may be able to claim benefits for chiropractic care under SIRA if:

  • You’ve been injured at work or as a result of your work
  • You’re injured at work, travelling to or from work, or on a break
  • You’re injured travelling for work or visiting other workplaces or sites on behalf of your job

Some examples of work-related injuries include physical injuries, such as:

  • Low back disc damage and nerve impingement
  • Sprain or strain injuries, often due to poor posture or prolonged hours of repetitive work
  • Motor vehicle accidents and whiplash

What to Expect

Our chiropractor will do a detailed assessment to determine what care you need. After a care plan is created, we’ll get you started with therapy to help you achieve your stated health goals. You’ll be an active participant in the care and recovery process.

We’ll set expectations for your return to work and provide progress reports to the appropriate agencies.

See If You Qualify

Contact SIRA for more information.


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