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Meet the Team

Deborah Cowie

Deborah Cowie


I met Peter and was introduced to chiropractic in August, 1982, while nursing his great-aunt.

My initial consultation, X-rays and first adjustment happened a few weeks later, and I have been adjusted regularly ever since.  Recent x-rays reveal none of the “normal” spinal degeneration that we would expect to see 32 years down the track.

I left my nursing career to be the Chiropractic Assistant at Westleigh Chiropractic when we married in 1984.  We have three children, Charlotte, Harriet and Oscar who have received chiropractic care since birth. Charlotte had her first adjustment 20 minutes after delivery.

It’s wonderful to share the chiropractic journey with our patients; from the curious and hesitant new patient to the proud author of a testimonial for our “Chiropractic Stories” folder.

I love that I belong to a profession that promotes health and wellness from tiny newborns to fine vintages!!  I love listening to the parents of the now sleeping newborn, the earache-free toddlers, the children enjoying learning at school, the sporting achievements.  I love hearing about less pain, less stress, more sleep, more gardening, more travel…  I love people enjoying and living their life with chiropractic!

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