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COVID 19 Message


We are here for you.

There are lots of things going on but we are “business as usual” with a few changes to the way we do what we do

We are minimising your risk by ensuring that you have minimal contact with the equipment and that each table is wiped down with a natural sanitiser after every adjustment. We are all are using an alcohol based hand sanitiser after all contacts (no nasty chemicals). We have all completed the government course on Infection Control for health workers. Our front door is open so you don’t need to touch it and we are hoping to have an automatic door installed. We are facing some logistical hurdles to make this work

We have removed some chairs to provide more distance in the waiting room and removed our colouring pencils and sheets and balloons for the kids… don’t worry, we will hand out a pack of pencils and a colouring sheet to the children and they can take them all home. The balloon drawer is in the care of Debbie and Chris and they will hand them out rather than having the kids rummaging to find their favourite colour

Some people are choosing to wait on the verandah until we call them in for their adjustment

We are allocating longer appointment times for our elderly and infirm patients so that their contact with other people is negligible.

For particularly vulnerable people we will allocate a time when there are no other people expected

If you are working from home you are probably not sitting in an ideal ergonomic environment so here are a few tips:

  1.  If you are using a laptop plug in a separate monitor set up at eye level. Use one from the attic or if you need to buy one you might find that the boss will help with the cost
  2. Use an office chair, not a dining room chair and certainly not the couch or bed!
  3. If you want some personal advice on your work setup at home email me two photos, one from behind and one from the side taken at head level with all of you, hands on the keyboard and the monitor in view. Send them to and I will shoot back an email with an OK or some improvements you might make.

Lots of people have asked what I am doing to stay healthy

I have bumped my Vitamin C intake up to 4000mg per day, increased my Probiotic intake to two different types twice a day and started taking some Vitamin D. Of course, I am having my regular adjustment each week.

We have had lots of comments about the cleaner we are using on the tables; it smells amazing! It’s Koala Eco All Natural Multi-purpose Kitchen Cleaner: all natural, kills 99.9% of germs and doesn’t contain nasty chemicals. It has a lovely Lemon Myrtle and Mandarin scent. Available here:

I strongly suggest that you avoid tuning into the continuous media storm of bad news. Lots of bad things are happening but you don’t need to clutter your mind and worry about things that you can’t do anything about. If you need to do something you will find out soon enough.

Take this opportunity to do some of the things that you have been meaning to do.

I have a colleague who has just returned from overseas and she is using her isolation time to paint the inside of the house with paint collected and delivered to their verandah by friends. Visit the Salvos and pick up some books to read, Get Duolingo and learn another language, spend time in the garden, plant a veggie patch.

Make the most of this time in your life

Stay well,

Allan Van